Animal Communication and Healing Services

Use our Team’s empathic skillset to facilitate communication with your animal in order to identify any physical, behavioural, or emotional issues. Animals respond very positively to Energy Healing, and when used in combination with your Veterinarian’s care, the animal’s recovery often occurs faster, more efficiently, and with less overall cost.

Intuitive Animal Communication & Healing Services

Animal Chakra Balancing – Distance Technique
30 min – $55.00 Chakras are the energy centres on the body where mind, body and spirit communicate. This technique involves the use of crystals and Reiki energy to balance the size and energy flow through the Chakras, allowing your animal to feel relaxed, balanced and grounded. Chakra balancing can be performed at a distance, as Reiki energy is independent of distance and time. You have the choice of having the animal present for the video call or you can choose this service to be performed remotely with feedback delivered to you by email.

Animal Reiki Treatment Session – Distance Technique
75 min – $100.00 Reiki can be performed at a distance, as Reiki energy is independent of distance and time. Christine Gosse, Usui Reiki Master will work to balance your animal’s chakras, ground their energy, cut negative cords of attachment, share intuitive information, and also provide guidance and practical tools in order to support your animal’s whole health. You can choose to have the animal attend the video call, or the session can occur remotely with any intuitive guidance received shared via email.

Intuitive Animal Communication & Healing Services

CherylAnimal Reiki Session

Channeling peaceful, healing, life force energy into the client.

Animal Psychic Soul Healing

This is a holistic all in one session and corrects what you would have to see 20 different practitioners to completely overcome! All of those piece-work sessions are fantastic but often only specialize in addressing a part of the whole body/mind/soul complex. You and your animal share a special bond, you both should feel lighter, brighter, more peaceful and complete when the session ends.