Meet Cheryl

CherylCheryl Nietupski – Intuitive Healing Facilitator

Cheryl is a Psychic/Medium/Empath & Intuitive Healing Channel. She has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 13 years. Most of those years were spent in a chiropractic clinic helping athletes and everyday people recover effectively from injuries, accidents and ailments.

In 2020/2021 she went through traumatic events that (finally) truly woke her up to her abilities and expanded her into spiritual/energy work and coaching.

This allowed her to continue to help people heal (now on profound levels) without having to be physically present.

WHAT I DO ■ I am a powerful Intuitive Soul Guide and interdimensional energy architect intent on helping all beings overcome their invisible ailments! I help you pinpoint and end painful cycles so you can get on with living the Gift of Life you have 💓

MENTAL: My sessions shift the way people perceive their experience, freeing them up to heal and grow.

SPIRIT/ENERGY: My ESP allows me to help people with their inner battles by walking through it with them psychically/empathically (Like a shaman). As a guardian I hold space for others to view their painful experiences with curiosity, knowing they are now safe to do so in meditation. In Akashic sessions I feel through the experience, clearing dense energies and explaining what I cleared out. Energy can be cleared on any level of the being (including and not limited to mental, emotional, auric, etheric, astral and physical).

Through these methods, freedom is discovered from the inside out. Nothing is too big to heal if the person is willing to accept it is possible.

The goal is to assist in bringing people out of negative energies as well as TEACH them why they are stuck on something and how to overcome it. Since everyone still has to choose their life choices on their own (ex. What job or people you allow in your life) it’s super important to understand what is driving any unhealthy choices/behaviours.

Her healing is intuitive and multidimensional. Though every energy session is powerful on their own, her guidance paired with the energy clearing is EXCELLENT for life transitions (as she guides you to understand yourself and get clear on what you want to create/release more deeply).

Soul healing revolves around releasing and correcting stored trauma, emotions, beliefs and attachments in your energy. The physical responses from those memories can show up as pain, tension and other ailments or distortions. Clearing them out can create great relief.


“My guidance and energy healing sessions aid in exploring and unpacking the shadow, correcting negative attachments and patterns of manifestation so clients can release themselves from victimization/living in states of distress and finally stand in their power (for maybe the first time ever)! 🤗💗

And since the body, mind and soul create our reality, physical miracles can begin showing up once things that are no longer in alignment are released.

■ Several clients have manifested the thing they really wanted or stepped into their next chapter after just one session: changed their job, met their significant other, got engaged, got pregnant, sold their million dollar home after years on the market, found their dream home, etc.

■ I may work with your inner child/internal wounded parts or guide you to connect with/integrate them.

■ I may help you understand your mental/emotional and energetic sticking points from the perspective of your spiritual journey.

■ I may liberate you from physical, mental and emotional pains and help you understand why/how they were created.


■ I offer symbol and dream interpretation help so you can decipher the language your subconscious is speaking to you.

■ I offer home clearings of residual energies from traumatic events and close portals/remove interference.

■ I offer chakra correction for those who have been operating dysfunctionally (absorbing energy, staying stagnant and can’t ground properly). Connecting you to the Earth and to your higher self and all the bits between as needed.

■ I also offer soul healing sessions for animals, releasing layers of trauma, projections and attachments.

Cheryl lives in Alberta, and delivers her services virtually.