Chiropractic Care

Rather than looking at the body part by part, we base our treatment plans on the body as a whole, with a drug-free approach to health and wellness. We take great pride in our evidence-based solutions, treating the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system as a whole. Often,

the neuromusculoskeletal complaints we treat for focus on techniques such as spinal manipulation or adjustment. Manipulating the affected joint and tissues can help restore joint mobility, relieve muscle tightness and can help alleviate pain. As an interdisciplinary clinic with versatile health care expertise, we also recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, and provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling services.

The first meeting with Dr. Dan consists of a one hour session as he gets to know you and your injury/illness. After the initial consultation, he may offer a short treatment. If so, that will take roughly fifteen minutes to complete.


Before your consult with Dr. Dan, there are some forms you will need to fill out, and they should only take a few minutes. Those include a New Patient Form and Privacy Consent form. In this paperwork, we will be asking you about any past medical/health problem. Remember, even if it doesn’t seem significant or related to your existing condition, please inform us of it anyway. Any and all of your health history will help us better our approach and heal you faster. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be discussed within our interdisciplinary health team as we create the most effective treatment plan for you.


After your initial consultation, Dr. Dan will examine you using a variety of orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests, and will check your joints, nerves and muscles to determine a cause of your pain. Further Testing (if needed)


In most cases, the diagnostic skills of the chiropractor will determine the cause of the problem. Generally, we do not need to carry out further tests, however, if the cause is not immediately clear after your examination, there are, in rare instances, times when we must send you for an x-ray at an external facility. These circumstances do not happen often.

At this point, on these occasions, if Dr. Dan and other Lavender Lane Health Professionals think another health care professional would be better suited to aid in your recovery, he will discuss with you and recommend the appropriate physician for your needs.

Report of Findings

Because we are committed to not only bettering your health, but empowering and educating you, after your exam we will discuss with you our diagnosis. From there, we will explain our plan on how we will move forward to alleviate your pain. In this meeting, we will discuss your health goals, answer any and all questions regarding treatment and address your concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; knowledge is an important component in leading a healthy life. We want to educate and empower you on this journey. At this time, if we feel it is necessary, we may begin treatment and begin your journey to better health.

Because our bodies are all so different, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment process, and everyone’s body responds at different rates. In the first few weeks of treatment, as you will have already discussed with Dr. Dan, you can expect more frequent visits to Lavender Lane Wellness Centre. However, how often you require treatment will depend on your age, ailment, how long you’ve had the condition, how active you are, and more. As your body begins to correct itself with Dr. Dan’s treatment, expect less frequent visits and a strengthened body.

There are many techniques he uses in treating his patients, all of which focus on being painless, safe and impactful in treating the body. Sample techniques include gentle, specific impulses into the joints of your body – better known as chiropractic adjustments or manipulations. In other cases, Dr. Dan may use a method that focuses on muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body. Don’t be surprised it you’re given homework, either; you may be asked to do home exercises such as stretching to aid in your treatment.

Regardless of your ailment, we focus on correcting what’s not functioning properly and safely addressing the problem. Ensuring the proper range of movement in your limbs – and more specifically your joints is of the utmost importance. As is unburdening sore, spasmic muscles and strained ligaments. Dr. Dan will skillfully help unlock your stiff joints, with the balance of pressure, and technique.

Much like about of anti-biotics, it is not recommended you quit treatment because you feel better before your sessions end. Some respond quicker than others, true, but it’s best to maintain your therapy to ensure your ailments don’t come back.

We work through three phases:

Pain Relief

There’s nothing worse than experiencing pain – and that’s precisely why helping to alleviating pain is phase one of our treatment. When we determine the root cause of the problem, we will work diligently to help relieve you of that pain over the first few weeks of treatment. Thus, treatment will be more frequent, and could allow you to get back to your normal activites sooner. But remember, if you are experiencing less pain, doesn’t mean you are healed! The next steps are so incredibly important to your recovery and prevention of repeat incidents.

Correction & Rehabilitation

By this stage, you’ve underwent several sessions, and your appointments are becoming less frequent! This is good news! At this point, we will be equipping you with exercises to stretch and strengthen your body at home. This enables you to take an active and proactive role in speedy up the recovery process, truly healing yourself. But just because you’re feeling better, doesn’t mean the work is over! There’s still much more to do and consider to ensure this journey is a successful one.

Maintenance and Preventative Care

You’ve come so far, so don’t let your hard work get undone! Maintenance and preventative care will help your old habits die hard. Whether you were slumped over with poor posture or letting a stressful schedule get the better of you, it’s so important to stay in control and do what you can to prevent reinjuring yourself.

Regular treatment sessions can easily be equated to fueling up your car – it takes a short amount of time to refuel, and ensures your vehicle doesn’t break down on you. The same is true for regular maintenance/treatment of your body.

We know you’re busy, so these appointments will take much less time than the initial appointment, as the groundwork has already been laid. Dr. Dan will assess your body – the condition of your spine, nervous system and muscles – and complete the treatment. These sessions take about ten to fifteen minutes, but can be longer for special circumstances.

Dr. Dan’s techniques in these appointments will be much like those in your first session: this can include manipulation, mobilization and soft tissue work. Remember to continue your at-home exercises to keep your body strong and healthy, as at-home exercises, combined with regular treatment sessions should build on your progress.

At Lavender Lane Wellness Centre. we believe that treatment is very much a partnership between you and us. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular treatment technique, Dr. Dan would be happy to answer them and put you at ease!