Aging, having children, and the activities of daily life take a toll on your Physical, Mental, and even Spiritual health. It is So Important to Get Up every day express Gratitude; and Move Your Body!

Functional Training Classes (Group or Individual Personal Training) will help you manage your physical health now and in the future; helping to prevent injuries, falls, and joint issues.

Over the past 29 years of being in the fitness field, I have realized that moving the Body, training my Clients in the proper technique of how to lift, twist, reach, and pick up items properly will help to prevent possible injuries now and later on in life. WE GOT THIS! PLEASE Join me on this journey, I am excited and thrilled to have Your Back!

Beckie Poirier Mcnamara, Certified Fitness Instructor, will be conducting Move Your Body, Mom & Baby, and Spin Classes Virtually on our secure Zoom platform, and Individual Personal Training through our Jane App. Please book your Fitness Class Package or Individual sessions in Online Booking!