Group Soundbath


Group Soundbath


Allow yourself the pleasure of relaxing in the quietness of your soul as you’re bathed with the sounds and vibrations of the drums, gongs, bowls, chimes and bells. Re-tune your energy to the frequency of the Earth, your natural state. It’s from this state of be-ing that your body can heal, relax, de-stress & rebuild.

Dates March 4 – 1 pm and March 26 – 1 pm

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About Virginia:

For 20 years I worked and managed a Third Party Logistics business. Working mainly in the fast paced, demanding corporate world of trucking throughout North America. I hit a wall in 2012. My health was declining. So was my husband’s. I had 4 young adults living at home and took care of my mom plus running a logistics business with 15 employees. My husband commuted to Toronto daily, so that left me “doing” for everyone else. I knew I needed to get off the hamster wheel but I had no idea how.

I threw the energies of that out to the universe and stayed open to the guidance of how.

In 2013 I quit my general manager position and downsized to servicing my clients only and working from home. My husband retired early and we downsized our life in Canada and built a home in Panama. I worked remotely from Panama for 10 months of the year and 2 months in Canada and the US.

Panama helped me to learn how to heal. To understand I don’t have to live in fight or flight. To just Be. It was a most spectacular experience living and growing and transforming in that space.

At the end of 2019 I was really feeling change coming. I thought it was on a personal level but as March 2020 hit, I realized it was the whole world changing. Although I absolutely loved Panama, I got the inner call to return to Canada. In the end it’s where my light was needed.

We transitioned back to Ontario in 2021. I sold my logistics business and was living and unfolding into a new version of me.

Coaching online and helping people with meditation, mindset, and supporting their transformation through the ick and the stick.

In January 2022 my friend gifted me a Sound Healing. My experience was incredible. I can only describe it as a remembering. Working with sound, vibration and frequency as a way to help people heal. I’ve done this before (another lifetime). I purchased some instruments and started to intuitively play.

As the world started to open up again I started in person sessions with family and friends. Balancing and clearing the energy body, and chakras. What I realized is I’m still helping people move through the ick and the stick but without having to feel it or experience it.

I’m offering a service to support people on their journey in this life. To help them move through the frequencies of old emotions or traumas that can get stuck in our energy field. And to offer guidance to living a life they don’t need a vacation from!

We have the key to wellness within each of us…guiding people to tap into that magic and stay in the flow of the energy of their life is a joy!