Intuitive Readings and Healing Services


Intuitive Channeler, Author, Certified Ohana Generational Healing Teacher/Practitioner, and Quantum Crystalline Energy Practitioner

An Oracle Card Reading is a great option if you feel like you need answers that no one else can provide, you are ready to receive guidance from Divine beings who only have your best and highest good in mind, and you would like a “double check” that you’re going in the right direction.

Ohana Generational Healing

Ohana Generational Healing Treatments are powerful sessions which help remove old patterns and inherited trauma passed down through the family tree and DNA.

They are ideal treatments for people feeling stuck by inherited family-trauma who want to break free from old patterns and clear traumatic memories.


Quantum Crystalline Energy Healing

Quantum Crystalline Energy Sessions are tailored to your own current needs. These are deep healing sessions with my attuned crystals, following a set protocol to ground and help you release what is no longer needed. They may help you to shift stubborn blocs, cut limiting energetic cords, release anxiety, stress and fears and promote physical, emotional and mental healing to name a few benefits.


Intuitive Channeling

One-on-One Channeling Sessions are specially tailored to you and your needs. As we sit down together, I connect to my Working Guides, who are a Collective of Children who call themselves the WOW Children! WOW stands for Wise Old Wisdom.

However, don’t be fooled, these young Guides are very wise and ready to impart their own brand of wisdom. The Collective will answer 3 questions you may ask them at the time of your session, after having shared their specific wisdom.