Intuitive Readings

CherylDream Interpretation or Symbolic Experience Feedback

Dream Interpretation or Symbolic Experience Feedback Cheryl unpacks specific symbolism to offer you an understanding of what you are processing or being guided to awareness of at this time. Choice of video call or email interpretation. Please indicate in the Session Note.


Psychic Soul Healing

This is a holistic all in one session and corrects what you would have to see 20 different practitioners to completely overcome! All of those piece-work sessions are fantastic but often only specialize in addressing a part of the whole body/mind/soul complex. You should feel lighter, brighter, more peaceful and complete when the session ends (aside from any personal resistance you may still need to unwind those links from ANOTHER topic. Problems may be intertwined and stack upon an issue developed prior in life. Booking regular sessions is of great value to get consistent progress on your ascension journey. Just like seeing a counsellor once can be beneficial, but regular sessions help you feel supported through hardship and maintain swift forward momentum. Cheryl clears energies of trauma/hate/stuck emotions, cuts cords/removes external, absorbed, inherited, and unnecessary energetic loads, belief systems, and settings that do not align with the individual from this life, past lives or that were ancestrally passed down to them. Cheryl removes projections and distortions in your divine blueprint, corrects chakras and works through the Akashic records and all dimensions of being to bring harmony and understanding. This allows for the client to end karmic cycles with ease and finally step into the next phase of life with a greater understanding of self and the ability to manifest!

Brian BanksReiki & Reading


REIKI and 30-minute Reading This treatment will start off with the relaxing Reiki treatment. Gentle energy and touch to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety. Brian¬†administers and reads your energy by “laying on of hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through all of us. Reiki energy treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit, creating many beneficial effects. Afterwards, we will discuss your energy and an Oracle Card Reading will be given offering guidance and Angelic nurturing to support you in life.

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