Counselling and Coaching

Deborah DeJong, MSW, RSW, is a registered Social Worker for over 20 years, certified Intuitive Success Coach, and Parent Coach, bringing together mind, body, and spirit practices within a holistic framework.

Deborah believes that many problems we experience in today’s society are best to address from a comprehensive and holistic approach; including issues such as anxiety, depression, headaches, ADHD, ASD, fertility, mood and sleep disorders.

Deborah coaches children, parents, and individuals to calm their ‘monkey mind’(subconscious programming) to experience greater ease in life. Transformation is possible, (mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically and financially) by changing beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are controlling your current situation.

Deborah DeJong provides counselling, therapy and coaching sessions specialized in:

Counselling Social Work Services

Providing trauma-informed support and strategies to deal with issues and problems in your personal, family or work life from a holistic (mind, body, spirit) perspective; specializing in depression, anxiety, sleep, fertility, and relationship issues. Imagine the infinite possibilities in your life if we mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough, not deserving or that you can’t accomplish what you desire. Transformation is possible.

Intuitive Success Coaching ISC

ISC is the process of waking up to your gifts and clearing the mental, physical and emotional blocks that stop your natural ability to experience your divine Life Force energy of love, peace, joy, happiness, and prosperity to flow. Learning to use your intuition allows you to be more successful in business and relationships, puts you in touch with your inner guidance and it will enable you to make decisions that support your true nature of love. ISC also helps you to: increase your income, heal from past pain, trauma and upset, relieve anxiety, doubt, and depression, improve your health and self-image, and create a life you love!

Parent Coaching

Cognitive or ‘talk’ therapy session to create greater understanding, ease, and connection with your (ADHD, ODD, ASD, anxious, depressed, medically fragile) child; as well as dealing with the behaviours that are causing distress (within a child or parent) and in the parent-child relationship. Coaching calms a parent’s ‘monkey mind’ (subconscious programming and expectations about ‘ideal’ parenting) to reduce frustration and conflict to allow everyone to experience greater ease and joy together.

How do I make an appointment?

No referral is required. Simply call or make an enquiry online to arrange an appointment.

Deborah Dejong can accept extended health care insurance as payment.
Check your benefits package for coverage to see an MSW and/or RSW.